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Lou Michaels Associates, Inc. is an Executive Search and Recruiting firm that has been successfully matching candidates with the needs of industry for over 35 years. Our focus has been in Metalworking, Injection Molding, and Electrical Assembly for the Automotive Supplier and Consumer Products Industries. We have also successfully taken on assignments in Electronics, Financial Services, Aerospace, and Defense Industries.

The staff of Lou Michaels Associates, Inc. is qualified to identify and meet your specific needs. Our team iscomprised of competent seasoned professionals with firsthand experience in the realm that is our specialty. We are equipped with the technology, information, and knowledge to deliver the appropriate personnel you need within the time frame that you require.

Lou Michaels Associates, Inc. is a member of the National Association of Personnel Consultants (NAPC) and also of the Michigan Associations of Staffing Services (MASS). Our firm has a long-standing reputation for service at its finest.  Whether you view your corporation as your future or simply as an investment, you need a competent reliable source to enhance your personnel staff.

All information exchanged regarding the candidates and our client companies is treated with the utmost respect and discretion.

Lou Michaels Associates, Inc. is affiliated with several Independent National Networks that enhance our efforts in filling executive search or recruiting assignments. These affiliations allow us to extend our capabilities and have immediate access to nationwide search resources.

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Lou Michaels Associates, Inc. believes in using today's technology to enhance and facilitate good communication with our clients, quick delivery of quality candidates, and to maintain a vast resume bank. With these tools we can match candidates to positions in a fraction of the time it would take a personnel director to sift through hundreds of resumes.

We do the research, the screening, and the leg-work for you.

The moment you contact Lou Michaels Associates, Inc., the work, and the worry, of locating the perfect professional is eliminated!



Meeting the needs of Industry since 1969.

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